Corticosterone Enzyme Immunoassay kit

Corticosterone Enzyme Immunoassay kit


5x96 wells plate

Catalog no.



1083 EUR

Species reactivity Human
Wavelenght 450 nm
Antigen Corticosterone
Synonym name Corticosterone Immunoassay test kit
General description Our Corticosterone Enzyme Immunoassay kit is designed for precise detection of Corticosterone in samples from Human
Storage and shipping The Corticosterone ELISA kit is transported on blue ice or ice packs and should be stored upon delivery at a temperature range between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
Description Enzymes are cleaving the substrate. If the substrate is DNA they are called restriction enzymes. Activating enzymes will cut off the domain that is biological active to become functional.
Tips In order to retain the sensitivity and performance of the Corticosterone Immunoassay test kit do not freeze the kit or any of its components as this might cause denaturation of peptide chains in the antibodies, thus reducing the kit's sensitivity, activity and/or specificity. Prior to use briefly centrifuge the liquid components of the kit to ensure that the entire quantity is gathered on the bottom of vial as due to transportation or handling causes some liquid might be caught on the walls or lid of the vial.